Canada is a top destination for business people and their families who wish to emigrate, offering great opportunities and an extraordinary quality of life. Canadian cities are safe and home to a multicultural and tolerant society. Canada is renowned for its world-class education and healthcare system accessible to all residents and much more.

There are different types of programs available for business people who seek to immigrate to Canada and settle in the province of Quebec or in other provinces: Investor, Entrepreneur and Self Employed. Individuals who have access to a job offer can also apply first for a work permit and then, immigrate to Canada via the “Canadian Experience Program” or the “Quebec Experience Program”.

Each of these options provides a fast and easy way to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency!

Temporary Workers

With its growing and dynamic economy, Canada offers many opportunities to foreign workers. It is sometimes difficult for Canadian enterprises to find workers on the Canadian labour market who correspond to the exact profile they are looking for to fill a vacancy. Provided they can demonstrate that it is impossible to find a permanent resident to fill a specific position, Canadian enterprises can hire a foreign national.

Skilled Workers

Canada is always pleased to welcome immigrants who can contribute to the economy and workforce of the country. The province of Quebec has a Skilled Worked Program that seeks to attract newcomers who have the education, qualifications and experience to enter the labour market easily and successfully. To qualify under this program, the Applicant must meet a series of criteria and score enough points according to a selection grid issued by the Quebec immigration authorities.


Investor programs allow individuals with a high net worth to immigrate to Canada. Federal and provincial programs are available and they each have their own criteria. Please contact us for more details.


Applicants who are interested in acquiring or establishing a business may apply under the Entrepreneur Program. Federal and provincial programs can help entrepreneurs to establish a business and immigrate successfully to Canada.

Self Employed Workers

Applicants who wish to settle immigrate and practice for their own account a trade or a profession can do so with the Self Employed Worker category. There are federal and provincial programs for Self-Employed individuals.

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