Founded in 1996 by Mtre Daniel Rochefort, Rochefort & Associés is a boutique law firm that offers legal advice and business solutions. The firm is specialized in a variety of fields, such as Immigration, Labour Law, Civil & Business Law, Corporate Law, Commercial & Tax Law, Penal Law & Ethics, Administrative Law, Real Estate, Family Law, and Human Resources Management. Rochefort & Associés also offers specialized and personalized services in the quest for alternative methods of dispute resolution which include services in negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Rochefort & Associés possesses a diversified portfolio of clientele which ranges from multinationals, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to parastatal agencies and municipalities. Our clientele come from a variety of industries and sectors, such as Telecommunication Services, Transportation, Retailing, Manufacturing, Police Services, Real Estate Management, Hotel Management and many others. The firm represents its clients before both the provincial and federal courts, in the province of Quebec. In certain sectors, Rochefort & Associés benefits from its network of contacts in prestigious law firms across Canada and the United States to better serve the needs of its clients.

Rochefort & Associés is committed to fulfilling its mandates by upholding the highest standards of quality regardless of the intricacies of the legal issues presented to it. In essence, it strives to provide an impeccable service in a timely fashion.

As such, the firm consists of a dynamic team which uses a multidisciplinary approach in providing innovative and creative strategies and solutions in order to best meet and even exceed its clients’ expectations.

The size of the firm ensures that each professional is capable of offering a personalized, rigorous and responsive service to meet the needs and demands of its client. In fact, the team strives to constantly offer an unmatched level of availability and attention to its clients. Each of our experts is involved in the Greater Montreal community within his own field of expertise, be it as a speaker, University lecturer or through pro bono work.

More than anything else, the cornerstone of any lawyer-client relationship forged at Rochefort & Associés is one that is based on mutual trust and respect.

The firm distinguishes itself by its competence, availability, dedication, and pursuit of excellence as well as by its humility towards its clients, in the objective of serving them throughout the various stages of a given mandate, be it within a judicial, extrajudicial, personal or business context.

Moreover, the success and reputation of our firm are also based on our fair and reasonable billing policy which is honoured within the framework of the tailored services we render based on each client’s specific needs: personalized and expert services for which the reasonable fees are considered as an investment demanding the best results within a short lapse of time.

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